ENTREES – each entree served with fries and side salad

Brochette – Two juicy grilled tender chicken seasoned with the Chef’s signature bled of West African spice dry rub


PG Wings  – Wings fried crispy golden brown and seasoned with the Chef’s signature habanero wing sauce

Dibi – 3oz lamb loin chop seasoned and grilled to perfection

(313) 778-4476


Chef Signature Bowls – (rotates weekly)

Mafé (pronounced Ma Faye) – Flavorful stewed (chicken or beef) with carrots and herbs in a rich decadent ground peanut sauce served over rice


Yassa – Grilled chicken in a rich rustic lemon and caramelized onion sauce with carrots and green olives served over rice

Mechoui (pronounced Me Shu) – Fork tender oven roasted lamb in a caramelized onion sauce served over couscous


African Gumbo – A rich and decadent tomato and okra stew with bites of fresh crab meat, smoked turkey, and juicy succulent shrimp

okra gombo

Joloff Rice – West African fried rice with beef or lamb and mixed vegetables

Jolof Rice

Chebu Jen – (Senegalese National Dish) – Grilled fish stuffed with flavorful herbs and spices, served with steamed seasonal vegetables and rice.

Cheebu Jen - Senegal National Dish

Thiou Boulettes (pronounced two bu letts) Miniature fish patties stewed in a rich tomato sauce with bell peppers and white potatoes served over rice



Grilled Corn – Seasonal grilled sweet corn on the cob


Frites – Seasoned potato wedges fried to crispy perfection and dusted with an herb and spice blend


Sweet Potato Fries – Crispy seasoned sweet potato fries

sweet potato fries

Plantains – Ripe plantains fried until crispy on the outside and soft and sweet inside

Fataya – Savory fried pastries stuffed with a delicious beef and herb OR vegetable filling





Belgian Waffle – A sweet belgian liege waffle grilled crispy on the outside and soft on the inside topped with dried coconut, non-dairy whipped cream, and drizzled with dark chocolate


Bissap (Senegal National Drink) – A flavorful chilled beverage made from brewed hibiscus tea, sugar, citrus flavor, and fresh mint

(870) 460-2118

Pikineade – A sweet and spicy lemonade made from fresh squeezed lemons, pressed ginger root, and a tropical juice blend.


Italian Soda – Cold and refreshing handmade sodas with sparkling water and flavored syrups (strawberry, cherry, mango, pineapple, and raspberry)

Italian Soda

Various Bottled Teas and Sports Drinks (Gatorade, Lipton)

Canned Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, San Pelligrino) 

Bottled Water 


*Dishes are prepared with fresh herbs and MSG free*



We Accept       and Cash 

For convenience our Food Truck location is updated daily with Roaming Hunger! Please click the Mobile App icon below!



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MAFE                                                                                                               YASSA                                                 DIBI                            BROCHETTE                                                   GRILLED CORN                                        BISSAP                                                                                                                         PIKINEADE

The Truck’s Location – The Pikine Grill operates at local breweries, fairs, festivals, events, and other various locations around the Denver Metro Area. Please follow us on Facebook at /www.facebook.com/thepikinegrillfoodtruck  for our current location, daily updates, and special deals and coupons.

Catering Service – We provide catering services for any special event.


The Pikine Grill is a mobile vendor that offers delicious West African inspired BBQ food. Inspired by the amazing street food from the Senegal, Chef David uses the freshest meats, produce, herbs and bold spices to take the food to the next level. He grills up lamb, chicken, beef, and corn daily. The Pikine Grill also offers authentic dishes unique to Senegal, such as the chef’s signature bowls that rotate weekly, as well as delicious crispy fried stuff beef and vegetable pastries called fataya. The Pikine Grill provides a memorable international culinary experience at a very affordable price. The Executive Chef and Owner of The Pikine Grill is David Diop. Chef David is a culinary professional with several years combined experience working in the restaurant and hospitality industries in Colorado and Europe. After graduating culinary school in 2015, his passion for cooking the authentic and healthy ethnic food from his childhood inspired the creation of the Pikine Grill Food Truck. Growing up in Pikine, a city located in Dakar Senegal West Africa, Chef David was exposed to a long tradition of delicious Senegalese cuisine. His mission is to introduce these same flavorful dishes to people in the US and beyond.
Chef David has been featured in Ebony Magazine and on Denver’s local news. His food has been highly rated by both the West Word and Zagat. Check out Chef the interviews for Channel 4 CBS and Channel 2 The CW (Daybreak’s Food Truck Friday) Denver News stations:

David interview edited

Chef David

We’d love to hear from you! Questions about our menu or our catering services, please contact Chef David and staff via email or phone during normal business hours Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 6pm (MST).

BUSINESS EMAIL – thepikinegrill@gmail.com

BUSINESS PHONE – (720) 507-6612 

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